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NETCO began operations in 1987 with its first corporation, Equity Title Company of Illinois, Inc. Since its inception, NETCO has believed that its employees are the most valuable resource and as a result, we are dedicated to hiring and maintaining employees who will continue to pursue our goals for success and growth. Consequently, NETCO provides its clientele with timely service and the highest standard of quality demanded in today’s marketplace. It is our intention to conduct our daily operations in an equal and fair manner with customers and Third Parties alike. These attributes have been the source of NETCO’s maintenance of strong and trusted client relationships.

Service is our number one priority at NETCO. The key to your business’ success is providing exceptional service for your customers. Your customers are in a hurry, and want the fastest, most efficient service you can provide. Our focus is fast, courteous and hassle-free service with the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

We start by giving you fast turnaround time on title commitments. This allows you to complete your approval process faster. Then, our extreme flexibility in closings lets you schedule closings when and where you or your client want them to take place, whether that’s in your office in the afternoon, or their home in the evening. NETCO has a reputation for combining common sense and common courtesy, which is the backbone of our customer service. We’ll work with you every step of the process to make your loans close smoothly.
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